Sarah Discours From ESAD Valence. Now in Berlin

Sean Yendrys (Berlin), Frederique Gagnon (Montreal), Nina Couvert (Netherlands), Léonard Butler & Gare du Nord (Paris)

Karl Nawrot, Jens Barth, Astrom/Zimmer, Élise Gay + Kévin Donnot, Paul-Hervé Lavessière, Jay Cover, Raphaël Bastide

Different works, Internship with Frederique Gagnon 02—05.2017
Study of the Pieta's theme, Diploma project 10.2016
Michel Melot, Le livre comme forme symbolique 06.2016
Diploma project, Researches magazine 06.2016
Inside magazine test, Assistant of Nina Couvert 04.2016
Johnny Valence, Portrait of a monument 02.2016
RoseShow, Workshop typographic revival 11.2015
About Naive Art, A typology of Naive Art put in perspective with High Arts 01.2016
A Primitive Has Failed, Smalltalk—80 Operating of this programming language 01.2016
Smalltalk 2.0, The working of Smalltalk—80 using for a printing book 12.2015
Gare du Nord Paris, Identity made with Leonard Butler 07.2015
Territory (II), Typology of different bridges layout 02.2015
Deserted Places, Personal project for my first year 05.2014
'Moi je', Artistic book, Silkscreen printing on newspaper 04.2014
ESAD Map flyer, for the Open Day 03.2014
Microbiotic of the leaves, Weaving 03.2014
Structured scientific story, Artistic book in offset 12.2013